GRP Roofing in Lancaster

By Plas-tech Windows

GRP Roofing in Lancaster

What is a GRP Roofing System?

For more than 30 years, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) flat roofing systems in Lancaster have been delivering durability and protection against the elements to the general market and tradesmen. GRP roofing systems are designed to be fully integrated seamless systems where all the components are designed to work together.

Why are GRP roofing systems so popular?

GRP Roofing in Lancaster is one of the most reliable and cost-effective waterproof roofing options available today, using the highest quality materials to help make it weatherproof. GRP keeps the weather outside, protecting the contents of your home against the elements. The tough and hard-wearing nature of GRP Roofing should last for 30 years, which has allowed it to become one of the most popular roofing options over the last few years.

Where is GRP Roofing best used?

GRP Roofing in Lancaster can be used for both domestic and commercial properties, being suitable for the likes of sheds, garages, extensions and balconies as well as schools and hospitals.


The installation of Fibreglass Roofing doesn’t require any heating tools or hot works to complete either, making it very safe, lightweight, and easy to install. As well as this, GRP roofing sheets in Lancaster are very durable and highly impact resistant, making sure there is no chance of any leaks. When combined with new insulation, you can save considerable amounts of money on your energy bills, which is especially important during the ongoing cost of living crisis.


GRP roofing systems in Lancaster are virtually maintenance free and can be applied with any UV paint protection finish. Every so often, it may be helpful to clean the roof with some soap and water to keep it looking great but there is no significant maintenance involved. Giving it a simple clean with washing up liquid and warm water being more than enough to keep it looking brand new. As there is very little to no maintenance required, this makes GRP roofing systems the perfect choice for any home.

Benefits of GRP Roofing

With GRP Roofing in Lancaster, you can enjoy choosing from a range of colours and finishes to best suit your home, helping your roof to effectively blend in with the rest of your home, enhancing your home’s visual appeal. With GRP roofing, there is also no need to worry about whether your roof has a different shape, as the GRP material can be easily moulded to perfectly fit the shape of any roof, offering lots of flexibility. GRP is also fully compatible with solar panels and green roof systems, making it a great choice for sustainable roof solutions.

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