Plastic guttering in Morecambe

By Plas-tech Windows

Plastic Guttering in Morecambe

What is Plastic Guttering?
Plastic guttering comes in one continuous unit of moulded plastic with no seams and no paint required, resulting in a reduced chance of your guttering corroding over time. Additionally, plastic guttering also has a smaller chance of suffering dents as well as blemishes and scratches on their surface compared with metallic guttering. Plastic is also much more flexible, making them easier to install and maintain than traditional guttering.

How can our services help?

As a leading gutter supplier, you can count on us to provide you with a wide range of cost-effective plastic guttering in Morecambe whether you are a trade customer or a member of the public wanting to do a spot of DIY. To help you fully realise your drainage system, we can supply you with the highest quality gutter, downpipes and fittings in a wide range of colours and capacities to give you a choice of depth and flow to match your requirements.

Types of Plastic Guttering in Morecambe

We offer various types of plastic guttering, including:
Half-round guttering: the most traditional style of guttering, and frequently cost-effective.
Thanks to its good flow capacity, this type of guttering can be used for replacements and
repairs as it is compatible with most manufacturers. If your home is in an area with above average rainfall, we would recommend picking a deep flow gutter profile instead.
• Square guttering delivers a modern look for your home or building. Thanks to its higher flow capacity, this type of guttering is whilst especially useful for homes where rainfall tends to be above average.
Ogee guttering: This type of guttering is one of the highest capacity guttering systems and is especially useful for low-level roofs. As well as providing aesthetically pleasing decorative flourishes, this shape has been developed to maximise flow capacity with a traditional ‘s’
curved style.

Advantages of Plastic Guttering in Morecambe

Over time, heavy rainfall is known to put significant pressure on drainage systems. Our range of plastic guttering, including new deeper round, square and Ogee systems, have greater capacity, helping them to better withstand everything that the weather can throw at them. By handling a higher volume of water than traditional guttering, this will help to keep rainwater away from your home, reducing the likelihood of leaks and damp.
As well as this, plastic guttering requires less downpipes – a standard detached will only need one downpipe on the front elevation and one on the back, taking water away from your roof, as well as improving your home’s overall visual appeal.

Plastic guttering in Morecambe is also much cheaper than other guttering systems whilst delivering high performance. By withstanding both high and low temperatures, as well as extreme weather, plastic guttering is remarkably robust.
For more information about plastic guttering in Morecambe or to get a free no obligation quote, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experts today who will be more than happy to help you out.