Bi-Fold Doors

By Plas-tech Windows

The perfect way to open up your house to the terrave or patio, or alternatively an attractive room to room divide, the Bi-Fold door will add elegance and a contemporary feel to you property.

Bi-Fold doors are the perfect addition to any room. The design and functionality of these doors opens up the full aperture of the frame allowing optimim light and access into the room with minimum obstruction.

All doors are hinged and conveniently slide to the side on a smooth running track in a space saving manner..



  • Opens up to the full aperture of the frame
  • No unsightly black rubber seals or fixed mullions
  • Tailor made from 1600mm up to 5.5 metres with a maximum height of 2.4 metres
  • Available in white, golden oak or rosewood.
  • Fully reinforced sash and outer frame
  • Multi point hook locking for added security