Fibreglass Roof Systems

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Fibreglass roof systems

What is a Fibreglass Roof System?

Are you interested in a Fibreglass Flat Roof? If so, you’re in the right place. Unlike felt roofing systems, fibreglass roof systems have no seams, meaning that it is less likely to suffer faults and let water in.

This also has the added benefit of being relatively easy for a professional to repair if it is ever damaged. From the roofer’s perspective, fibreglass roof systems are relatively easy and very quick to install as it is prefabricated (often coming pre-cut from the factory). There is also no waste, helping you avoid having to go to the tip and enables you to do your bit for the environment, especially as roof felt is not widely recycled.

How long do fibreglass roof systems last?

Thanks to their durability and high performance, fibreglass roofing systems have excellent longevity. Despite being a relatively new edition to the roofing industry, fibreglass roofs have a greater life expectancy of roughly 20-30 years compared to other roofing systems. This cost-effectiveness means that you can be confident in investing in a fibreglass roof system that will provide excellent protection against the elements for years to come.

Where are fibreglass roofs best used?

This depends on your use case and circumstances. Larger outbuildings, such as double garages and converted workspaces, will likely be used more frequently than smaller outbuildings so they would be better served by a fibreglass roof as it is a more durable roofing material that will serve your needs for longer. Whilst both felt and fibreglass roof systems are equally waterproof, fibreglass is a stronger roof material, making it a better choice if you live somewhere that frequently experiences intense rainfall and wind.

Can fibreglass be used on flat roofs?

Fibreglass is a newer roofing system that is best suited to flat roofs. However, they can also be suitable for pitched roofs in some applications as fibreglass is far more hard-wearing and stronger than felt.

Fibreglass roof systems – Key Benefits

• Prevent leaks
• Free up internal space
• Aesthetically-pleasing, enhancing your home’s visual appeal
• Available in a wide variety of colours to suit your bespoke needs
• Waterproof
• Ideal for homes, garages and extensions

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