Conservatory Tiled Roof in Lancaster

By Plas-tech Windows

Conservatory Tiled Roof in Lancaster

What is a Conservatory Tiled Roof?

Conservatory Tiled Roofs are The Conservatory Roof Replacement That Keeps You Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer. In conservatories, the majority of heat-loss is caused by the glass roof. By tiling your conservatory roof, you will be able to enjoy a much higher level of heat-retention as well as improving the overall look of your conservatory. To ensure your conservatory seamlessly blends into your home, we can even match the tiles of the conservatory with the tiles of your other roofing sections. The lightweight tiles are easy to install, thanks to their lightweight nature, as well as delivering fantastic thermal performance.

Energy Efficiency

Tiled conservatory roofs in Lancaster have a distinct look that could be the ideal match for your property, offering fantastic energy efficiency, keeping your conservatory warm all year round. To keep your conservatory as comfortable as possible for you, you will want a tiled conservatory roof with the lowest U-value possible. This will ensure that your conservatory stays at a comfortable temperature all year round regardless of what the weather is like outside, meaning that it is not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. U-values are also a great measure of energy efficiency as lower U-values potentially meaning reduced heating bills for your home.

Pitching things right

The minimum pitch is all about the angle of your tiled conservatory roof. Essentially, the larger the pitch angle, the taller your conservatory roof will be. As well as having a significant impact on the aesthetics, this will also have more practical considerations. A lower pitch makes sure that your tiled conservatory roof won’t block any sightlines or windows. We make it easy for you to see all the angles available from the tiled conservatory roofs in Lancaster we compare.

What are the benefits?

Conservatory tiled roofs in Lancaster offer numerous benefits, including:

• Keeping your conservatory warmer in the Winter months and cooler in the Summer months
• Lower heating and air conditioning bills
• Weatherproof
• Fire Resistant
• Damp Proof
• UV Resistance
• Reduce Sun Bleaching
• Provide a solid barrier, giving you privacy
• Show very little marks and dirt

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